Speck Gets It

At Speck Contracting, we take the time and effort to get things done right. We operate knowing that our customers need a trustworthy team of professionals to help them fulfill their custom home dreams. Every aspect of Speck is tailored to our clients. We make sure to offer the highest quality at a great value. 


We are dedicated to helping you through land clearing, excavation, saw milling, lumber sales, and custom building services.

We guarantee fair prices, top of the line machinery, and the best service from decades of experience.

Jefferson County is our home; we love every nook and cranny that runs along the Potomac. Our mission is to preserve the beauty of the County while creating new homes and memories for the families and neighbors in our area.

Call us for more information or to set up a job with our team! We service a 20 mile radius from Shenandoah Junction.

Excavation & Land Clearing Services

Speck Contracting has been building in Jefferson County ever since 1979. Over the years, we have completed many different projects at many diverse locations. These projects include: land clearing, tree removal, grading trenching,  septic services, and custom building. Want Speck Contracting to transform your land? We can do it! 

Our team helps you develop the plans for building on your lot, and we use our expertise to complete your project in a timely manner. We keep up to date with all building regulations and laws.

Excavation Services


The variety and quality is what makes our lumber the best. We know everything about our inventory, down to the last splinter.

Speck Saw Mill

Saw Mill

Portable Saw Mill Equipment allows our team to do custom sawing on site, and to your exact specifications.

Speck Lumber Sales

Custom Building

Speck Contracting is more than just moving dirt. We've built custom homes, fences, and furniture. We also have experience in tiny homes

Speck Custom Building

The Speck Family

Speck Contracting is not just a business; we're a big family. Our team is always growing in size and smarts. Our small company does local business the right way. No cheating, over-pricing, or under delivering; what you need is what you get. At Speck, our customers are part of the family.

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